Saturday, October 25, 2008

A reason to eat cake!

What better reason to eat cake! get your plum pudding or whisky cake for xmas and support rotary projects at the same time!

Your contributions will support much needed community projects.

Contact Frank to order now.


Donna (Jo's mum) said...

Hi Frank
Just wondering if the cake is in yet? Let me know when it gets here and we'll come collect it.

Donna (Jo's Mum)

Frank Featherstone said...

Bad news for cake-eaters! Our supplier proved to be uneconomic so we had to scrap selling cakes this year - otherwise there'd be no money for our projects.
However the good news is that our Christmas raffle is going great guns but to make $7000 we need all the help you can give us. People like Paul McBride, the two Lionels: Arnold and Frankum, plus Denny - and of course, Bob Manley who is there almost every day .
The facts of the matter is that we can make $20,$30 or $40 per hour depending on how we attract people's attention. Sometimes it's easy because people just want to give to Rotary. Now when can I put you on the roster ? Ring me on 9970 7790. Happy Christmas.